A Gift box Filled with Love!

Filled to the brim with trinkets and things specially chosen to lift everyone’s spirit, and spread a touch of Magic all around!
When you hold this beautiful gift box in your hands for the first time and begin to remove the bows and gift wrap you will feel the childlike excitement growing within you! Positive energy filling the space around you! These is the energy we need to cultivate every day!
Each item In the Little Magic Box has been chosen with care for its beauty and energy healing ability. You can Keep you can keep your with you everywhere! at home, in the car, or in the office. 
This is perfect gifts for anyone you care for very much! Each box comes complete,  beautiful wrapped and ready to go! We are grateful to share these beautiful little gift boxes which have come into our lives at just the right moment when we all, more than ever, need a Magical little pick-me-up

Chakra Balancing Box (Including Pray Group Consulting)