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What is Energy Healing

You are not on this this page by coincidence.  You have be desiring a change in your life and now you've found it.  This process will change the whole game.  Your life will never be the same again! Everything in this would is energy. Energy healing is the ability to manage the frequency at which the body vibrates affecting the way energy flows through the body.  By learning to manage the flow of energy in the body one's health will immediately improve. Sleep is improved, emotions are balanced, you develop a clearer perspective and best of all you clear away painful memories and experiences which have become trapped in the body and subconscious mind.

Rock Balancing

Benefits of Reiki Practice

Reiki is a technique developed in Japan for relaxing and healing the body by redirecting the flow of energy through the body.  Every person has access to the universal healing energy and can channel this energy through the hand in order to heal themselves and others.

Self healing with Reiki relieves stress and anxiety and improves sleep. It increases mental clarity, boosts immune function, and gives you magic touch for bringing your desires into reality.

Benefits of Chakra Balancing

Chakras (meaning “wheel” or “disk”) are vital energy centers located along our spine. These points of flowing energy connect our mind, body and spirit. When these energy centers we enjoy peace and harmony in our existence.

Unfortunately the clear flow of energy through the body can become polluted or even blocked by painful memories, heart break, conflict and poor health.

By regularly balancing our chakras we can lift our frequency and restore happiness, love, peace and prosperity to our lives

Rock Balancing