Balancing the flow of energy in and around us

Balancing Your Love Center

Let’s talk about chakras and why they should be balanced.


What are chakras? For those of you who may not know, chakras are the energy centres of our bodies. 


The seven main chakras are: 


1. The root chakra - “I AM”

2. The sacral chakra- “I FEEL”

3. The solar plexus chakra- “I DO”

4. The heart chakra- “I LOVE”

5. The throat chakra- “I TALK”

6. The third eye chakra- “I SEE”

7. The crown chakra- “I UNDERSTAND”


When our chakras are out of balance, this can be dangerous for our mental, spiritual and even physical health! The process of clearing our blockages and opening up our chakras to flow as they should is known as chakra balancing


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