The HealingPower of Reiki 

Candlelight Reiki

Channeling Divine Healing Energy Through Our Hands

This program includes five learning sessions with Gita Devi in order to learn


how to heal yourself from past hurt and develop techniques to protect your energy

from future damage causes by any discourse sent to us whether physically,


emotionally or energetically:

Session One

Intro to self-healing with Reiki and Chakra Balancing.


Session Two 

Learn to scan your body and energy centers to remove blockages and disturbances.


Session Three
Learn to protect your energy from attack using sound and meditation.


Session Four
Full practice using all the new techniques. Learn how to balance your energy in just 15 minutes every day.


Session Five
We review what we've learned. This is the time to ask questions.  Instructions for going forward from this point.