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Holiday gift box
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Discover our step by step process to increase your energies to manifesting the life want for the New Year

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Chakra Energy Healing Gift Box Includes:

  • Access to our 7 Week Chakra Healing Program - Each week you will receive a 10 minute guided meditation to be done at least 4 times a week on each Chakra. Starting on week one with Root Chakra working all the way up to the Crown Chakra on 7th week. Also included is a full explanation each Chakra of the week and simple techniques in how to increase the energies of that Chakra - $450

  • 7 Chakra Crystals with a 4 step cleansing and programing process: Cleansed in the earth -Charged in the waxing moonlight  - Charged under the morning sun - Finally the crystals are Infused with Reiki Energy Healing Magic by our resident Shaman. - $525

  • 7 Chakra balancing candles - 100% natural beeswax, dripless taper candles. 7 colors for balancing the seven Chakras - $70

  • Pack of finest quality Masala Incense from our Bhakti Yoga Temple - $25

  • Downloadable Chakra Balancing Guide and Chakra Balancing Workbook - Simple exercises to bring balance to all 7 Chakras. - $50

  • Printable Chakra Balancing Chart which you can display in your home! Beautifully designed for bringing awareness back to the body and what our body is trying to tell us. - $15

  • ​Purifying Mist - Clear your home of negative energies and prepare your space each day for your personal successes. - $50

  • Aura Cleansing Mist - Uplift your spirit and raise your vibration with the fragrant mist made of pure flower essences. - $60

  • Compass - Crowd favorite!! Keeps you on your path. - $30

  • Gratitude Journal - There is powerful magic in journaling and expressing your appreciation every single day​. - $35

  • Affirmation Blessing Card- A little self care in the form of a positive message - $10

  • Mudra Card - Personally chosen Energy healing card which features a symbolic hand gesture (mudra) which has been used since ancient times to guide vital energy to the parts of your body which need a boost. - $25

  • 7 Energy Charged Blank Cards - To be placed in your home that will increase the energies of your written affirmations. Also helps to visualize and to stay focused on your goals - $70

  • Automatic membership in our coming Angel Club - Receive special discounts on all our products and services! Stay on path each month with a personal Angel Guidance message sent right to your phone! - $15 ​

A Value of $1380 now only $488

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Did you know that it's our own mental/emotional blocks which prevent us from reaching our highest potential in life?

The biggest obstacles we need to overcome in this lifetime are the ones formed by the negative energies and hormones which are released into our bodies when we experience stress, disappointments and loss. 

These negative energies accumulate over time and become trapped in our energy centers. They  can also be stored in the body as muscle and cellular memory.

Sometimes these negative emotions and blockages can be passed down from our mother or father and can be past down through future generations.  

It is very beneficial to become aware of  these emotional blockages within us so we can heal them. This is the secret to creating a better life experience.  For ourselves and for those around us!


We will focus on chakra balancing through meditation and how it can improve our wellbeing. We will delve into the areas of our bodies where these physical and emotional energies are trapped. 

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Many blessings and happy manifesting!